Tagliere Umbro

Selection of cold cuts and cheese from Umbria
Pancetta Norcia, mortadella, salsiccia di cinghiale, pecorino a pistachio
(with toasted sourdough)
£10 - to share

Bruschetta Umbra

Bruschetta of homemade olive pesto and anchovies on homemade bread

Antipasto Umbro

Insalata di Farro
Spelt salad with mixed peppers, courgettes topped up with walnut


Pasta al Tartufo
Stringozzi pasta served with a creamy black truffle sauce and mushrooms


Chicken breast, pancetta, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, sage and garlic served with parmesan and chives mashed potatoes

Pizza Umbra

Fior di latte, Mozzarella, Italian sausages, mushrooms, rocket and pecorino Umbri



Torta Umbra
Homemade sultanas, pine nuts and almond cake served with gelato

Torta Umbra.jpg